General Questions

What is the uniqueness of Magic Kids Nursery?
At Magic Kids Nursery, we believe that education is more than just a profession and a textbook. We ensure that every child gets his/her basic life skills and academic skills through our carefully crafted activities. Every child, who gets a very strong pre-school foundation, will move on to their academic future, with confidence. Moreover, they learn the best when they are with their peers and when they enjoy the most. The staff, activities and ambience of Magic Kids Nursery just does this magic in them!
What are your safety protocols for children?
The Nursery is strictly following all safety protocols as stipulated by the Government, in the premises and in transport. First Aids, CCTVs, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits and Safety Precautions are ensured. Our buses, in addition to the safety measure, have a minimum of one female bus attendant on board to support kids.
This will be my child’s first school. How will my child adapt to it?
Our pre-school is designed in such a way so as to help the kids undo their fear and develop love for learning. Adaptation to the new environment may not be the same for every child. For kids who find it difficult to adapt, we always advise parents to try these tips, based on our experience:• Talk to the child in advance, about all the good things they can expect at the school. Talk often. • Do a role play with your child, enacting how they will be going to the school and what all they will be enjoying. • Let them choose their new bag, water bottle, snack-box, pencils etc. • Make use of our orientation programmes – introduce the place, classrooms and staff to him/her. • During the first week/s, come in a little late and collect the child a little early. • Come into class, meet his/her new friends and staff, and help the child to settle down. • Ensure the child that you will be back to pick him/her at the sharp time. Use positive, hope words like ‘see you soon’, while leaving. • Some kids may still cry. Please be reassured that our staff are well-experienced to handle this separation skilfully. They will do the needful to help the child, feel safer and happier. • Remember that easy settling in of child is directly proportional to the calmness and strength of parent/s.The child will not take more than two weeks to feel comfortable and to settle in.
My child cannot eat alone. Will he/she get assistance?
Our snack-times are social hours. We encourage kids to chit-chat while they enjoy their packed snacks. The staff assist them while explaining about the specialities of the food they eat. We will slowly withdraw support so that the child will become self-supportive. We do not dispose the remaining food and send back the box as it is, after they eat. Parents can see how much they eat and how well they eat.
Will your staff give any toilet training or assistance to my child?
When your child is ready to be toilet trained, our staff will assist him/her with the process.
If my child falls ill while in nursery, what shall be done?
We have our in-house Approved Nurse who will personally take care of your child, make him/her comfortable and inform you so that you shall immediately come to pick him/her. We strongly advise to keep the child at home for 24 hours, until he/she completely recovers.
What should I do if I want to celebrate my child’s birthday at the Nursery?
Please let us know in advance if you have such plans. We will advise you suitably, considering the preferences of other parents as well. If there are any kids who are not comfortable with cakes or its ingredients, we will have to find an alternative, so as to include him/her as well. While sending gifts for other kids, please be sure to send safe, relevant, age-appropriate ones.
What are the documents required for registration?
☆ Complete registration forms (provided at the nursery) ☆ 6 passport size photographs ☆ Copy of Child’s Emirates Id, Passport and Visa ☆ Copy of the Birth Certificate ☆ Copy of the Immunization Card ☆ Copy of Father’s Emirates Id, passport and visa ☆ Copy of Mother’s Emirates Id, passport and visa

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