About us

A Few Words About Us

Magic Kids Nursery aims to provide equal learning opportunity to the children irrespective of their ethnic origin and disabilities. The Nursery will develop a best practice model where the individuality and uniqueness of each child will be celebrated. The objectives of the nursery are:

  • Help children to become successful learners with enthusiasm and motivation for learning
  • Help children to develop new ideas and reach high standards of achievement.
  • Help children to become confident individuals with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and self-respect.
  • Assist children in developing respect for others
  • Enhance the children’s skills of communication, partnership, critical thinking, problems solving and creativity.

Our Aims and Objectives

Magic Kids Nursery aims to provide an encouraging and nurturing environment to the children without any discrimination. The nursery plans to create an enabling environment for the children with the collective effort of staff, parents and other care givers.

Our Vision

  • To help children in reaching their potential
  • To build a solid foundation for children which can help them in future
  • To make learning more fun and stimulating
  • Be a preferred childcare service for the parents in Sharjah

Our Mission

  • To create an enabling environment for the children
  • To cater the various childcare needs of the community
  • To enhance the inner strengths of children
  • To enrich the children’s understanding of the world
  •  To provide children an opportunity to express themselves through art and play
  • To foster the curious instinct of the children

The Nursery has very poignant measures in place to ensure the safety of children, while in school and in transit. The facility is well-equipped with CCTVs, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits and Safety Precautions. Our buses, in addition to the safety protocol as envisaged by the Government Authorities, have a minimum of one female bus attendant on board to support kids.