The nursery follows the standard framework of Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum that covers every aspect of childcare and development.


We have a team of qualified, experienced teachers who are passionate about children and their holistic development.


In addition to the safety protocols as suggested by the Government Authorities, we double-up kids’ safety through personal care and attention.


We strive to ensure quality learning foundation thus preparing the child to be school-ready, confidently.

Magic Kids Nursery

Magic Kids Nursery is the one-stop preschool-solution for parents who want the best for their little ones! The energetic ambience, effective learning methodologies and affectionate trainers bestow a powerful pre-school experience for children.

At Magic Kids Nursery in Sharjah, we follow the EYFS Curriculum which substantially strengthens the learning foundation of our students. The curriculum is augmented by principles of child development, internationally acclaimed standards and experienced trainers. Every student of Magic Kids Nursery, enters the world of learning, with confidence!

The learn-with-fun ambience and attitude of Magic Kids Nursery will nurture positive learning spirits of children. Kids love Preschool in Sharjah the learning experience through well guided, effective peer-engagement.


Magic Kids Nursery is unique in many ways:

• We follow MOE approved British – EYFS Curriculum.

• Our staff are well experienced and well qualified.
• We ensure holistic development of child.
• We provide a very safe and secure environment.
• We have a pleasant and kid-savvy interiors.
• Our indoor play area is spacious.
• We give personal care and attention to every child.
• Kids get a hands-on learning experience with us.
• Extra-curricular activities.
• Transportation Availability.


Our Activities


Creative activities

Fun activities that creatively induces foundation of learning.

Sports & playing

Strengthen motor abilities of kids through physical activities and playing.

Language Development

Improve their language and vocabulary through interactive strategies.


Empower their social skills through effective peer engagements.

Why choose us

Magic Kids Nursery stands for the educational, physical, social, and emotional development of young children through a holistic and child-centric approach.


The EYFS based curriculum ensures that children learn and develop in the early year settings and stay safe.


The positive early learning experience at Magic Kids will build the necessary skills and attitude for their strong academic-life..


The activities at Magic Kids Nursery are tailor-made to instill the values of social skills through effective peer interaction and engagement.


Magic Kids Nursery grooms children to be school-ready and to pursue their academic goals.

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